Marvel83’ is a retrowave act that produces deeply melodic synthwave, often combining dream-like sounds with powerfully driven rhythms and arrangements.  

A Prague based retrowave producer, Jan (Marvel83’) was born in 1983 in South Bohemia, Czech Republic. He found a passion for electronic music in early childhood, and also has fond memories of seeing films such as The Neverending Story and Ghostbusters with his mother at the theatre when he was growing up. In particular he remembers having an immediate love for “Crockett’s Theme” by Jan Hammer during these years, a piece of music that would go on to influence and contribute to his journey as a music producer.

Later, he would spend every day after school practising (sometimes for six hours or more) to refine his skills as a musician and dj, and went on to perform live sets for many years prior to his creation of Marvel83’ in 2016.

His early influences include Depeche Mode and Erasure, among many other artists. More recent influences include Miami Nights 1984, Timecop1983 and The Lost Years, an act that inspired his initial decision to begin writing synthwave with their energetic and exciting soundtrack from Kung Fury. Inspired to create, he started doing his first retrowave mixes and podcasts and started to produce his first songs.

In 2017 he released his first EP, The Day We Met, followed by the Hackerman EP in 2018, which broadened his audience with the popular reception of the track, “Venice Beach”.

During that time, he also started hosting his own retrowave events under the name “Synthzone” in Prague, with guests such as Sigma Delta, Vector Seven, Mad Maverick (resident), and Kinol, where like-minded, retro-loving musicians came together to share their music and enjoy their love of synth and performance.

The following year in 2019, Marvel83’ released his first album, Genesis, which had an even stronger reception from audiences and quickly caught the attention of listeners and creatives, including the production team for the popular L.A. based television program, The Rubin Report (which has featured guests such as Jordan Peterson, Ben Shapiro, Michael Reagan jr. and Larry King) and the song, “Every Evening” became the show’s official theme music.

 Also in this release was the track “Synthetic Nights”, and several other cornerstone pieces that truly outlined his potential in the genre, such as “Lost Highway” and “Rollercoaster”. That same year he was invited to perform his first gig abroad at the renowned retrowave event “San Junipero”, hosted at the Knitting Factory in Brooklyn, New York.

2020 saw further momentum for Marvel83’ with his second album Metropolis, which was highly successful in reception, and when the vinyl was later released by Timeslaves Recordings, the album sold out in only 3 days. „Into the Night“ from Metropolis will soon feature in the upcoming film “Blood Streams”, and was chosen by director Derek Wayne Johnson, known for producing “40 Years of Rocky” and other titles.

Following another successful EP release (Petrichor), Marvel83’ released his third album, Atlantis, which ventured further into the vastness of the mysterious universe and wonders of space exploration. Atlantis marked even further success in vinyl releases, selling quickly when released by Retrowave Touch Records in 2021.

Between releases, Marvel83’ has collaborated with a range of excellent artists from the synthwave community, such as Back in the Future, Kiile, Bunny X, Roxi Drive, Terena Armstrong and Tobias Bernstrup, also releasing an official remix of “My Life” by FM Attack in 2020. He is now currently working on his fourth album which may arrive as early as the spring of 2023, while preparing for his next U.S. gig abroad at the „Neon Festival“ in Florida.